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The music producer paint palette for logic’s interface

The Colorizer App

If Logic Pro is part of your every day life, you want to consider making it feel like home. LPX Colorizer customize Logic Pro colours within few clicks, allowing you to work in a personalized environment. This software is pretty simple : Launch, look for the graphic element of your choice from the left column, click the color thumbnail on the right and give it a new color using the color palette. Click “Colorize” and your changes will automatically reflect in Logic! Once you are done close the app and get back to your music. Have fun costumizing your interface! Sky is the limit to your creativity. For more details, watch the video tutorial down below.


  • 1.  Theme selector : create multiple color themes. To apply the color theme in Logic, after selecting the theme hit the Colorize button.
  • 2.  Creates a new theme : New themes & changes are automatically saved.
  • 3.  Create a duplicate of the currently selected theme.
  • 4.  Deletes the currently selected theme.
  • 5.  Rename the currently selected theme.
  • 6.  Search through logic graphic elements
  • 7.  Search option “exact match” will only display the elements whose entire name is matching.
  • 8.  Retains Logic’s display after relaunch(we advise to let this feature set “tp on”
  • 9.  Colorize : apply the color changes from the selected theme & relaunch Logic.

Update : Logic Pro 10.3

The main background of the arrange window and grid Line, but be now adjusted directly from Logic’s preferences > display > tracks > custom.
Note that these settings do not affect the piano roll background and grid lines. Piano roll custom colors must be set inside LPX Colorizer.

3 Base Themes

For those who dont want to start from the Logic Pro original colors, we provided 3 Base themes that you can tweak up to your taste or use as they are. We recommand that you make a duplicate of these theme prior to changing some of their colors.

  • 1. Jarvis : Cirsp dark blues, yellow modulations, and bluesky buttons. This theme is inspired from Iron Man J.A.R.V.I.S. and means : Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.
  • 2. Purple Haze: Alluring purple variations on pitch dark background. You can’t get more contrast than this. This theme is made for you if you work late a night in a poorly lit environment and will aid with eye fatigue. This theme is obvioulsy named after the Jimi Hendrix song. Were you reckoning something else?
  • 3. Polar Bear : Icy Blues on bright grey background. For the nostalgic of the former Logic UI. This theme is better suited in a bright studio environement.

Join us / the community

Ask your questions to the facebook Colorizer community. We or other users will be glad to inform you! You are free to share you themes on the facebook page as well. Creationauts provide Logic pro X base themes for free, so keep in touch to get a peak on our latest smart designs!

Colorizer Features

  • Change Apple Logic Pro colors
  • Save Color Templates
  • Color Palette with tints, shades & eye dropper tool
  • Mac OS 10.12 or higher
  • Logic Pro 10.3 or higher
  • Special launch sale : $24.99 $9.99 (Valid until November 1st)

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