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If Logic Pro is part of your every day life, you want to consider making it feel like home. LPX Colorizer customize Logic Pro colours within few clicks, allowing you to work in a personalized environment. You probably use Logic Pro because of it’s amazing features, and we could not brag enough about them ourselves. However, a comfortable interface throughout long working hours matters just as much! For exempble contrasting colors will make object identification faster for the eye. LPXColorizer adds comfort and logic to your DAW, colouring objects differently for easier tracking and smarter correlations.

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What is a theme?

A theme is a file made of colour profiles. You can think of it like an outfit. When you apply a theme with LPXColorizer, Logic Pro needs to re-launch to put on this new oufit, which will become from here on out the standard graphic colors, and that until your apply another theme or revert to the default interface. A theme take just 60kb of space on your hard drive!

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Piano roll rythm values

Here is an exemple of color-coding applied to the piano roll. This smart grid helps you identify the value of your midi notes at glance. Here the time signature is 4/4. The orange bars are measure dividers seperating whole notes. The blue bars represent a 1/4 fraction thus are quarter note dividers. Following the same logic the yellow grid bars are 1/8 fractions or eighth notes. Their are plethora of operations where color adjustment can help. Actually over the course of an entire day, these enhancements becomes big time-savers.

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Logic’s color Palette

Aching to give your region colors a slight different style?    color region logic pro

Customize the Logic Pro Color palette from the Colorizer Palette window. You will be able to bring the perfect contrast between your regions and the main background. Better yet, you can get regions to be white or black according to your preferences.

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LPXColorizer Interface

The application interface is pretty simple : Launch, look for the graphic element of your choice from the left column, click the color thumbnail on the right and give it a new color using the color palette. Click “Colorize” and your changes will automatically reflect in Logic! Once you are done close the app and get back to your music. Have fun costumizing your interface! Sky is the limit to your creativity. For more details, watch the video tutorial down below.

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  • Improve Focus

    Much like underlining key words on a cheat sheet, assign color to the interface graphic elements. Color reference has been proven to increase focus and memory.

  • Lower Strain

    Decline themes in different shades, swap over them to mitigate eye fatigue caused by long exposure to your monitor.

  • Get Organised

    Fast identification. Velocity colors help you guess value at glance right? The same logic can apply to UI elements you want to recognize quickly, like rythm values for instance.

  • Promote your Music

    Add credentials to you themes. When someone of the community import your theme in LPX Colorizer, these credentials will be displayed in LPX Colorizer. Music made in Logic shared amongst Logic Pro users! (Soon available!)

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  • Change Apple Logic Pro X colors
  • Export/Import Themes
  • Import Skins & convert to Themes
  • Batch Edit colors
  • Search filter (color or UI element)
  • Color Palette with tints, shades & eye dropper tool
  • Get your music noticed
  • Mac OS 10.11 or higher
  • Logic Pro 10.3 or higher


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