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Dear Logic Pro aficionado,

As you may have noticed, over this past year, we have been putting efforts and money to promote LPX Colorizer on Facebook & Google ads, KVR and Logic Pro Help.
And while the return on investment was overall positive, we think it’s a little sad that 25% of our revenues mostly go to big companies like FaceBook and Google rather than our close partners.

Development and maintenance costs justify the price of the LPX Colorizer from our stand point but we understand that not every one can afford it.
Well, we thought about it and figured why not bypass the expensive marketing platforms and reward our licensed users who trust our product instead?
This is what an affiliate does, he spreads the word about a product he likes and get a split of the sale as a reward.

Let me explain how it works:

We now allow you to register an affiliate account! Once registered as an affiliate you will be given a unique URL link to share with your contacts on social media or via email. For each sale, you get $10 USD on your balance. You can cash in your balance at any time via PayPal or direct deposit if you link your bank account or debit card to your affiliate account.
You will be able to see your sales, statistics and income.
Your success is important to us, a cookie will be automatically installed on your affiliate page to make sure that everyone who visits your page and exits without purchasing will be redirected to your page in the future if search for LPXColorizer on the internet or visit our website.

Every potential client who visits your page first remains yours forever!

This way we can focus on maintenance and developement while you make money spreading the word and the fun, it’s a team effort!

Register as an affiliate

More info about our terms of use here. We are completely transparent at Creationauts, so if you have any questions regarding this program feel free to contact us at [email protected] If we record similar inquiries we’ll make sure to update this page with any missing detail.

The Creationauts Team