Spell Checker XTension for QuarkXPress

Your Spell Checker just got smarter!
You deserve the best! Now choose between the industry trusted Hunspell or your operating system Spell Checker engine.


You asked, we answered. It’s about time the QuarkXPress Spell Checker got serious in the spell checking business. The Spell Checker Pro gives the QuarkXPress Spell Checker the TLC it needed. You now have a choice of two more powerful spell checkers – one was right under your hood, yes, the operating system (Windows/MacOS) spell checker and the other – Hunspell, an industry proven spell checker engine used by leading products like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice and many others. The best part – you can add more Hunspell dictionaries which are available for free. Spell Checker Pro picks them up the moment you place them in the “Spelling” folder on your machine.

QuarkXPress spellChecker
QuarkXPress spellChecker

Spell Checker Pro Engines

QuarkXpress had its own spell checking engine since ages, however over the years the industry has moved towards standardizing the engine. Hunspell has lead this wave and found a home in many popular products. Fun Fact: Did you know the MacOS spell checker is based off the Hunspell engine? While designing the Spell Checker Pro we consciously made an effort to make sure you don’t need to have to deal with another palette. You now have the convenience of switching Spell Checker engines from the menu.

QuarkXPress spellChecker QuarkXPress spellChecker

Convenient & accurate

Once you have Spell Checker Pro installed, check your text via the exact same interface accessible from Utilites > Check spelling. Spell Checker Pro engines will also work when “Check Spelling as you type” is active. Time to cast a spell on those mistakes!

Included Dictionaries

    English – US
    English – UK
    Norvegian – Bokmål
    Spanish – Spain

Additional dictionaries


File size matters. We do not want to cram each and every dictionary inside the XTension as many would not be required for your personal use. We invite you instead to download any Hunspell dictionary (They are available for free) and to load them inside Spell Checker Pro.


    Add other dictionaries to SpellChecker Pro:

    If your language is missing please have a look here. To install additional dictionaries, please follow this guide.

    “Spell Checker Pro is an incredibly useful tool. Every year I create several thousand pages for travel catalogues, so a simple and well-functioning spell checker is indispensable. Spell Checker Pro works in the background to conserve resources and uses a snake line to visually indicate problems even when writing. The integration of the Hunspell dictionaries in different languages is solved very well and I don’t want to miss the “Check spelling while typing” feature anymore. Thanks for this first-class Xtension!”
    Steffen Johne,

    Leipzig, Germany
    “This new XTension upstage the AutoCorrect Xtension as it offers a smarter engine on top of the MS Word like spell check feature. To top it all off I can add as many dictionaries as I want, I am not limited to QuarKXPress dictionaries. It is definitely an upgrade I recommend for anyone who input text or make corrections right from QXP.”
    Karnan Manhas,

    Bangalore, India
    “With “Spell Checker Pro” XTension I feel more confident as a professional, I can add more dictionaries, feeling more secure as I handle multiple language in my job. It is a very professional XTension, i highly recommend it!”
    Stelios Xanthoudakis
    Athena, Greece

    Spell Checker Pro Features

    • Hunspell Spell Checker Engine
    • Operating System Spell Checker Engine
    • Add more Hunspell dictionaries
    • Check Spelling As You Type

      Select your System and QuarkXpress version:


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