Mixer & Inspector Support in Logic 10.5 and above

LPXColorizer is now compliant with Logic’s Pro new mixer interface! Refer to the Colorizer Helper below to learn more about how it works.

Helper Plugin (AU)

The Colorizer Helper Audio Unit ensure the communication between the LPXColorizer app and Logic’s mixer window. The plugin needs to be open once in your project and will remain active until you either remove it, create another project or apply the default theme. You can place it in any mixer channel, but for clarity we recommand to keep it in your output channel. The plugin window provides no other functionality or button.

Palette True Color

We put some effort recently into batter color matching between our palette editor and Logic’s color palette. Make sure to update to at least LPXColorizer V., to update LPXColorizer go to the top menu bar LPXColorizer > Check for updates.

Arrange Grid Lines

This feature extends the Logic Pro Display settings with the full monochrome spectrum from complete black to complete white over the arrange background and grid line colors.