Support for Hunspell dictionaries in in QuarkXPress with the Spell Checker Pro, which verify spelling and hyphenate words, extends the number of languages included with the product. Dictionaries for over 90 languages are available for integration at the Open Office website. Apart from Open Office, there are other sites that provide Hunspell dictionaries. You can download language dictionaries of your choice and add them to your product.

You can download other Hunspell dictionaries from the following website:

We that you do not replace existing hyphenation/spelling dictionaries. If you replace existing hyphenation dictionaries, line breaks in the existing documents can change according to the new hyphenation dictionaries when you re-edit the document. Similarly, replacing existing spelling dictionaries with new ones and spell checking existing documents could show different results and suggestions.

If you must replace existing dictionaries, make a backup of the existing files so that you can revert to the original dictionaries, if necessary.

  • Download the required Spelling or Hyphenation dictionary. The dictionaries on our website are already available as compressed zip file. If the file was downloaded from the OpenOffice site, you will need to cahnge theoxt extension to “zip”. If you download it from a site other than OpenOffice, the extension can be different.
  • Change the filename extension to zip. For example, rename xyz.ext to
  • Extract the contents of the zip archive to a folder and locate an affix (.aff) file, a spelling dictionary (.dic) file or a hyphenation dictionary (.dic) file.
  • There are two ways you can install new dictionaries. You can either install them system wide, and in that case have them available from other applications supporting them or exclusively in QuarkXPress. Place the dictionary files (.aff + .dic) in the following directories in one of these directories:
Installation Type Platform Location of Dictionaries folder
System-wide Mac OS /User/Library/Spelling
QuarkXPress only Mac OS /User/Library/Application support/com.creationauts.SpellChecker
Windows C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress 2018\XTensions\SpellCheckerPro
  • Relaunch QuarkXPress.