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Spell Checker Engine Hunspell, PDF Importer Pro and the Image Info palette.
Bring all these In Design tools to QuarkXPress!


Creativity is part of our DNA. We consciously develop from an artistic point of view and thus bring ingenious material into the binary world.

Research and Development

Bringing an artistic idea to life requires research, and we care a lot about validating an idea as a research project, before it comes to users as a real product.


You envision, we make it real. Our skillful team devotes its attention to crafting user-oriented tools for professionals with specific requirements.

Included Products

XT PDF Importer

A QuarkXPress XTension to import multiple PDF pages into a project. With the PDF Importer, importing pages is a breeze. You can choose the number of pages to import, skip pages you don’t want, and decide at what point the PDF pages are to be imported.

XT Spell Checker Pro

This XTension puts your QuarkXPress Spell Checking palette on steroids. Get the power of Hunspell or your OS Spell Checker inside QuarkXPress. Add more Hunspell dictionaries for your favourite language. Editors, Publishers, Authors, Copy-Editors the Spell Checker Pro is going to speed up your review process.

XT Image Info

Our new QuarkXPress XTension. Get access to detailed image information right when you need it. Select an image to get its name, full path, status, file size, date modified, color model, format, color profile, and dimensions. Reveal the picture or enclosing folder in Finder with a click of a button.

“PDFImporter has saved us time, therefore money, developing picture heavy publications, and updates of earlier editions of our print publications. It’s an incredibly useful tool. Additionally, CreationAuts is one of the most responsive plugin developers to work with. Very pleased to have found this plugin for QuarkXPress 2016.”
Helen J Knox
Propriator of Knox Pulishing (Brentwood)
Director of “Sexplained” Ltd.
“When Adobe entered a subscription to the software, I gradually transferred imposition and layout design back to QuarkXPress — I used it at the beginning of my career, and then migrated. However now, in the 2016th, QuarkXPress is fast and full-function alternative to InDesign without mandatory subscription.The Convert to Native Objects function instantly imports objects and even the whole pages from a PDF, Illustrator and InDesign. QuarkXPress allows to do it page by page or on one object. However PDF Importer XT helps to import all edition in few clicks only!”
Andrey Marchenko
Art director at MakeMeDesign! Agency
“The PDF Importer Pro XTension saved us precious time with batch importation of PDF pages from Indesign to QuarkXpress! I highly recommend it!”
Sascha Burkhardt
Editor in chief at Free Aero Magazine Agency

Go Pro Bundle Features

    Spell Checker Pro

  • Hunspell Spell Checker Engine
  • Operating System Spell Checker Engine
  • Add more Hunspell dictionaries
  • Check Spelling As You Type

    PDF Importer Pro

  • Import a complete PDF file.
  • Import PDF page selection.
  • Skip pages.
  • Convert PDF to native objects.
  • Flow PDF pages in linked boxes.

    Image Info

  • Color Space
  • Image Layer
  • Edit Original
  • Show in Finder/Explorer

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“Spell Checker Pro is an incredibly useful tool. Every year I create several thousand pages for travel catalogues, so a simple and well-functioning spell checker is indispensable. Spell Checker Pro works in the background to conserve resources and uses a snake line to visually indicate problems even when writing. The integration of the Hunspell dictionaries in different languages is solved very well and I don’t want to miss the “Check spelling while typing” feature anymore. Thanks for this first-class Xtension!”
Steffen Johne,

Leipzig, Germany
“This new XTension upstage the AutoCorrect Xtension as it offers a smarter engine on top of the MS Word like spell check feature. To top it all off I can add as many dictionaries as I want, I am not limited to QuarKXPress dictionaries. It is definitely an upgrade I recommend for anyone who input text or make corrections right from QXP.”
Karnan Manhas,

Bangalore, India
“With “Spell Checker Pro” XTension I feel more confident as a professional, I can add more dictionaries, feeling more secure as I handle multiple language in my job. It is a very professional XTension, i highly recommend it!”
Stelios Xanthoudakis
Athena, Greece
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